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Hail to the king of messaging.


Still Relevant


Because it works. No need for any app downloads, native on any type of handset. The use of SMS / text messaging has changed over time and it depends on which industry you work in, the use case for it means more to some than others. Regardless, SMS is one touchpoint that if used correctly within your communication strategy, can yield great value for you and your customers. 

Today SMS is used amongst others for important business notifications, to initiate two-way conversation by utilising links to other chat applications like Bots and Messaging Apps like WhatsApp. It can be used to trigger a whole host of actions if used with shortcodes for inbound messaging. It can be integrated into any platform via API’s and used to send automated communications. It is personal and if used contextually with meaningfulness it can drive significant value for business. Little did Neil Papworth know on that fateful Thursday in 1992, he would create long-lasting technology that is timeless. 

Engage us on the best use for SMS within your organisation, we understand it.

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Trevor Mxolisi Louw