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Human Resources

Role Description, Key Performance Indicators, and Incentives

Business Engagement Consultant


We’re passionate about developing new and efficient ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. We specialise in multi-channel mobile communication solutions because we understand and know that a personal touch goes a long way towards connecting our clients with their customers. With Engage, blue-chip organisations such as Unilever, Anglo American, Goldfields and Mazda, manage their customer engagement strategies by automating a variety of highly personalised communications throughout the customer journey.  We possess the technical skills and depth of resource to deliver bespoke integrations that enhance customer engagement whilst improving operational efficiency.



As Business Engagement Consultant for Engage, reporting to the Manager – Sales and Marketing, you will

  • Acquire new customers, and operate a profitable business compliant with national business legislation and policies,
  • Cooperate with other facets of the business, explicitly Finance, Operations, and Marketing,
  • Follow policies for sales methodology, sales engagement, and sales reporting,
  • Seek potential customers for Engage SA through market research, account planning, sales opportunity planning, and cold calling to potential customers,
  • Engage with and respond promptly to potential customers and existing customers who make enquiries about the services offered by Engage SA,
  • Meet with stakeholders from potential and existing customers to gain an understanding of the customers’ problems and to assess if the Engage SA can resolve the customer’s problems,
  • Prepare proposals and quotations for the supply of Engage SA and present the proposals and quotations to potential or existing customers,
  • Secure purchase orders and contracts from potential and existing customers for the supply of Engage SA services,


Key Performance Goals and Metrics

Your success within Engage SA will be measured by 

  • The value of sales leads that you qualify each month
  • The annual value of potential sales that you are working to close
  • The number of sales opportunities you advance towards successful sales in each month
  • The monthly value of services delivered from sales that you have contracted
  • The level of customer satisfaction, derived from customer interactions and surveys

Remuneration and Incentives

This role is compensated by a combination of fixed monthly salary, described by a Cost to Company, and commission earnings derived from sales of Engage SA services. Commission is earned on the sale of Engage SA Services. Commission is earned and paid under the terms of the Sales Commission Policy published with Engage SA and amended from time to time as required by operating conditions. The key elements of the current commission policy are that

On-Target Earnings

On Target Earnings for this role between R180k p.a. and R300k p.a. negotiable based on sales targets of up to R3,000,000 p.a.