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Human Resources

Role Description and Key Performance Indicators

Service Delivery Co-Ordinator



We’re passionate about developing new and efficient ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. We specialise in multi-channel mobile communication solutions because we understand and know that a personal touch goes a long way towards connecting our clients with their customers. With Engage, blue-chip organisations such as Unilever, Anglo American, Goldfields and Mazda, manage their customer engagement strategies by automating a variety of highly personalised communications throughout the customer journey.  We possess the technical skills and depth of resource to deliver bespoke integrations that enhance customer engagement whilst improving operational efficiency.



Service delivery co-ordinators are responsible for the day to day management of Engage’s clients. They are the heart of our customer fulfillment team.

Service delivery co-ordinators work with external sources to execute campaigns and measure and report on their effectiveness. Campaigns are mostly specific to mobile and an understanding of mobile channels and mobile marketing is advantageous.

Typically a Service delivery co-ordinator will:

  • Manage the implementation, tracking and measurement of mobile marketing campaigns
  • Brief and oversee the work of internal and external sources, who will deliver much of the campaign activity
  • Work within a budget and report any overspend specific to the campaign requirements
  • Edit and proofread copy for promotional materials within marketing campaigns
  • Deliver regular reports of campaign results
  • Maintain regular measurement of the ROI of campaigns
  • Collect and use data to inform new campaigns and the evaluation of existing campaigns
  • Keep abreast of current trends in mobile marketing
  • Setup and execute campaigns on behalf of clients


Skill Set

  • Communication skills: Excellent writing skills are a pre-requisite as you will frequently have to communicate with clients and suppliers.
  • Project management skills: As a campaign manager you will have to work with multiple campaigns and at the same time and ensure that all campaign objectives are met.
  • Numerical skills: A challenging combination, perhaps, but campaign managers need to be good with words and numbers. You will need to acquire data and use it to target selected groups, as well as analyse the success or otherwise of campaigns.



  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word
  • Know and understand Pivot tables, formulas and filters.
  • Know how to use Sql tables
  • General understanding of HTML5, ChatBots, USSD, SMS, MMS and IVR
  • Experience in Photoshop
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent command of the English language, both written and verbal
  • Fluent in at least one other South African language
  • Self-motivated, self-managed  individual
  • Willing to work in open space with reasonably crazy and loud team members.