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Let's talk about the importance of effortless customer experience.

Customers don’t want channels – they want solutions. And this is precisely the reason that calls to human agents are decreasing.

Although the phone line is still your customers’ preferred way to communicate, this number has dropped by over 17% in recent years, according to Dimension Data2, as customers seek out alternative ways to interact.

Research by BT Global3 emphasises that 61% of customers will change how they contact an organisation depending on their situation. And while 52% want fast access to a well-trained human employee over the phone when they are in a moment of crisis, 81% want organisations to offer a choice of channels to meet their different needs, with nearly three-quarters (73%) liking the control that digital self-service offers them.

While customers may want to speak to a human agent for more complex or emotive discussions, for simple queries it is much quicker to able to self-serve, whether that be automated chatbots, FAQ sections, or IVR. Chatbots, in particular, are forecast to experience rapid investment in the coming years, with Gartner predicting4 that by 2020, a quarter of customer service operations will use virtual assistants, up from a mere 2% in 2017.

You can therefore make evidence-based decisions about optimising the customer experience, so you can maximise return on your investment – in terms of both revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

Years of investment in digital channels like web, mobile and social have left many IVR systems lagging far behind. Yet this is a terrible oversight – research by JD Power & Associates6 reveals that IVR interactions account for over a quarter (27%) of the total call experience. Sadly, with IVR having been neglected for so long, the same study reports that only 7% of organisations offer an IVR service that delivers a superior customer experience.

The implications of this are serious – customers have become increasingly discerning, and you are more likely than ever to lose customers if your CX is not good enough. In the last four years, the number of customers who changed suppliers as a result of bad customer experience has risen from 59% to 89%, according to Harris Interactive.

And the influence of IVR performance on the customer experience cannot be over-estimated – according to research by Interactions Corporation, 83% of customers will avoid a company after a negative experience with an interactive voice response system. Customers expect instant answers and a personalised service from the brands they engage with via their preferred channels of communication. If they don’t get what they want, they will not hesitate to find it elsewhere.

To stop your customers from leaving you, you need to engage each one across a number of digital touchpoints. You need to show you understand them, and what they want, to keep them engaging with you.

But to successfully engage each and every customer across multiple communication channels is not without its challenges. It requires breaking down data silos and constant battles with legacy systems to deliver cross-channel communications that mirror customers’ movements across different touchpoints.

At Engage we understand how big this task can be, that is why we spend an enormous amount on research & development so we can develop technology that is superior.  Technology that removes the risk and cost implications on you, allowing you to do what you are good at. By managing all channels under one platform, we remove data silos and allow you to synchronise communications perfectly with each customer, meaning each person can enjoy a fully connected experience with your brand.

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