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Customer Journey Tracker

Analyse behaviour and make evidence based improvements


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Get deeper customer insight than ever before by evaluating customer journeys in real-time. Customer Journey Tracker gives you a visual representation of interactions at each touchpoint. It brings together data from Engage Hub and third-party systems in a single, user-friendly view, giving you that invaluable holistic understanding.

You can therefore make evidence-based decisions about optimising the customer experience, so you can maximise return on your investment – in terms of both revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

As customer journeys become more complex, so too does meaningful data analysis. Customer Journey Tracker gives you a visual representation of interactions at each touchpoint, so that you can get a deeper insight than ever before by evaluating customer journeys in real-time.

See how customers are really interacting with your business
Customer Journey Tracker brings together data from multiple sources, including third-party, online and offline systems. That way, you’re free from information silos – and again an accurate, holistic view of interactions and pain points across each customers journey.

Get deeper insight at each touchpoint
Investigate each interaction across entire customer journey to get deeper insight on how your customers move through the process. Based on evidence gathered, carry out comparison to the individual customer so that you can offer proactive support, pre-empt issues and personalise the journey to suit their needs.

Automate re-engagement
Customer Journey Tracker enables you to automatically trigger re-engagement when customer drops off the expected journey, delivering higher response rates and better satisfaction as customers get immediate support to help them reach their desired outcome.


Access real-time KPI tracking and optimisation
When you have all customer journey information centralised in one view, it’s easier to monitor the effectiveness of your processes and campaign automation. KPI monitoring and ROI measurement help you quantify the benefits of automation – and make informed decisions on further investment.


Unifying data from all touchpoint and systems – via Engage Hub or third party systems – Customer Journey Tracker presents a single, user-friendly view that provides an invaluable, holistic understanding into your customer behaviour.

By bringing data together from across all journeys and touchpoints, you can evaluate your customers journeys. Identify bottlenecks and pain points and make evidence-based decisions about real-time optimisation of the customer experience. Use Customer Journey Tracker to also feed for future automation plans.

With Customer Journey Tracker, you’re in a strong position to maximise return on customer
experience investment – in terms of both revenue generation and customer satisfaction.


Bring data from multiple sources and

touchpoints, including third party into a singly, centralised view.


Analyse real-time customer behaviour to easily identify pain points and make evidence-based improvements.





Drive higher customer engagement with automated triggers to provide proactive support and re-engage customers who drop off the expected journey.


Monitor KPIs to maximise return on customer experience
investment and drive informed automation decisions.

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